Earth friendly custom designed natural wood school and ccommercial playgrounds

In recent years, wooden playgrounds have changed for the better. Arsenic-containing lumber is no longer used. Play Ventures Inc. PlayWood Plus products use wood protected with a water-based treatment known as micronized copper.

Micronized copper treatment improves on previous copper treatments by suspending submicron-sized copper particles in a solution prior to pressure treatment. This new and improved treatment method is lower in volatile organic compounds while offering the same or better performance against rot, fungal decay and termite attack.

Wood is routinely attacked by insects, micro-organisms and fungal decay. When wood is protected, its life is extended up to 50 times, saving countless forests from premature harvest while saving consumers money and reducing energy consumption.

PlayWood Plus playgrounds are an environmentally-responsible choice, requiring substantially less energy to produce than alternative inorganic building materials, including plastic and steel.

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